3 Ways to Boost Your Pet’s Health & Happiness

If you’ve got a furry friend around, you’ll understand what it feels like to wish nothing but the best for your pet. Their care is in our hands, after all; so why wouldn’t you do everything you can to make sure they live a long and happy life? With a few simple habits and changes, you can do exactly this. Here are 3 ways to boost your beloved pet’s health and happiness – and we promise they’ll love you for it.



This will naturally depend on whether you’ve got a cat or a dog, but in general, your pet should be getting out and about – whether or not you’re in tow. For cats, you can encourage plenty of exercise with dedicated play spaces and toys: think balls of wool and things they can climb. You can also install a cat flap, to allow for easy access to your home as they prowl the neighbourhood. 

For dogs, walks are essential. Why do you think dog walkers are in business? The amount of exercise a dog requires will depend on their size, but once a day is a good rule of thumb. Dogs give off telltale signs of needing to burn off energy… so next time your pup is chewing up a throw pillow, try taking them on a walk rather than telling them off.



Like us humans, diet is key. What your pet eats will reflect, maybe even more so, in the way that they act. If you feed your pet healthy foods and give them the nutrients they need, they’ll be happily chowing down at meal times. So next time you’re reaching for the treats, go easy and order some healthy kibble such as Pure Life instead! Diet contributes to your pet’s internal health, and should reflect the love and care you harbour towards your little friend.



It’s time to admit that the author of this piece is a dog person and, as a result, believes cats are near untrainable by default. They crave opposition! The evil glint in their eye says it all – but I’m sure there are diehard cat people out there who enjoy that strange power play. Not me… I crave the validation of the dog species which, by nature, is possible to train. Regardless of which pet you have, there’s one thing you can do: set boundaries. Cats and dogs will respect you doing this. It is very good for them, and certainly contributes to their overall health and happiness.


Whether it’s man’s best friend or Satan in feline form, implementing these habits will help you raise a healthy pet content with their life. From exercise to diet, training to setting boundaries, there are many ways you can ensure a good life for your pet. For more ideas, there are many pet forums and blogs you can explore to connect with fellow pet owners, and to find out the latest in all things pet health. And if all else fails, never forget that a cuddle and a back scratch never goes awry.