What Metrics Should a Digital Marketing Agency Keep Track of to Help You Improve Sales?

It’s important that the digital marketing agency you choose promises and works on the relevant metrics. Things such as numbers of likes and shares tend to have more to do with vanity and can’t do much to help you improve your bottom line. The following are the most important KPIs your digital marketing agency should keep track of.


The Metrics

#1. Unique Visitors

The base metric (KPI) your agency should measure and try to improve on is the number of unique visitors on your website. This initially seems simple enough, a good campaign will yield more visitors, while a bad one won’t — however, it’s a bit more complex than that.

Namely, the people coming to your site should be within your target audience. Otherwise, there won’t be a boost in your conversions, and you’ll miss out on the people who actually need to see your site. So, in addition to measuring (and improving) the number of unique visitors, you also need to keep track of their interactions.


#2. The Bounce Rate

The bounce rate shows how many visitors exit your website, without truly viewing it and consuming any content. A high bounce is the biggest indicator that the viewers are not seeing anything worth sticking around for, or are turned off by its design.

A digital marketing agency can help you reduce the bounce rate, by better researching who entered your page and why they left. Additionally, they can create better visuals for you, that will help reduce the bounce rate.


#3. Time Spent on Site

This KPI is somewhat similar to the previous one, as it also keeps track of the time users stay on your website. However, its goal is to showcase how interesting and relevant your content is. If you offer high-quality content, a user will spend more time on your website. Thus, they’re going to gain trust in you, and their visit will likely result in a sale.

For example, if a user searches for a Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney, they won’t spend any time on a website if the content doesn’t seem appealing. Thus, the visit won’t result in a sale and will be a huge waste of resources for both parties.

However, if the company (and its website) give off the impression of being professional and trustworthy, a user will spend more time there, which will ultimately result in a sale.


Cost Per Click

CPC is a popular advertising model that allows you to only pay for the ads when they are clicked. If you have a high CPC, it means that your ads aren’t optimized as well as they could be, and aren’t reaching your target audience. A digital marketing agency can help you reduce these costs, by creating targeted ads that always reach the right audience.


Final Thoughts


Don’t be swayed by an agency’s promises of hundreds and thousands of likes, rather, ask them how they can help you increase your bottom line. Ask the agency what their plan is on increasing sales, and whether they’re using metrics that will show you some ROI. After all, you don’t want to pay a premium price for an agency that can only guarantee more likes and not a tangible increase in sales.

Why You Need SEO for Better Brand Visibility Online

It’s complex, highly technical, and even mind-boggling, but if done right, search engine optimisation can do wonders for your business. Whether you’re doing SEO for medical centre or SEO for e-commerce, investing in a good SEO campaign opens opportunities for you to get more brand visibility online and eventually generate leads that turn into sales. But why exactly do you need SEO?

SEO allows you to reach out to your target audience.

 If you’re out on the streets giving away flyers to anyone who passes by, chances are, you’re giving them away to people who might not even need your product or service, which is a complete waste of investment. But with SEO, you are targeting the very demographic that you’re trying to sell your product to through proper keyword research and content that’s relevant to your industry. This allows for targeted traffic to get to your website and get your brand more exposure online. In fact, 93% of web traffic come from search engines, so you absolutely need SEO to get more traction to your website.

SEO gives you the opportunity to build trust and credibility.

 More than getting better visibility online, a successful SEO campaign gives you the opportunity to be an authority in your niche and build credibility with your customers. There are many elements that go into optimising your website for search engines including good content, quality backlinks, machine learning signals and on and off-page optimisation. Although establishing a solid foundation of credibility doesn’t happen overnight, making the effort to build trust for your brand online can reap you huge rewards in the long run.

SEO helps you generate leads.

In a time when the competition is very stiff, you can’t just rely on a professional and well-structured website to get the job done for you in terms of visibility. If you want to generate more relevant leads to your website, you need to invest in good SEO strategies that will allow you to have a consistent flow of potential clients. If you’re in real estate, for instance, you can’t just rely on your website to get all your properties noticed. With SEO, you can target relevant key search terms like house and land packages that will help you get more clicks to your pages and eventually, generate leads that your sales team can work on. 

SEO helps you get more business referrals.

Finally, the primary goal of SEO is to help you rank on the first page of organic search results for the keywords that you’re targeting, which in turn allows you to get more potential customers to recognise your brand and eventually turn them into sales. 

But there’s actually an added benefit to SEO that a lot of businesses don’t realise, it’s the opportunity to get more recognition to complementary businesses and get referrals from them. These are businesses that are not necessarily in direct competition with you, but they may have a client base that could use your service. When these websites link to one of your pages, you don’t only get more authority from their link juice, but you also get to reach out to a wider audience.