Buying Land to Build On? Here Are Five Things to Consider First

Has it always been your dream to own a piece of land where you can build your future home? Now that the real estate market is offering more opportunities to make that dream come true, you’re excited to start looking for a lot that you can build on.

Buying land, however, can be trickier than buying a house. And since this will be a huge investment, here are five important things that will help guide your decision:



This should be the first—and most important—factor to consider when buying land. Since most of these lands are still under development, it would help to do some research, so you’ll know what the plans are for that particular location. Avid Carolina, for instance, has extensive information on its land for sale, including its location, masterplan, and the future neighbourhood that you’ll be living in if you decide to buy land to build on in this area. This will give you a good idea about how the community will flourish over the next few years.


Zoning restrictions

As a buyer, it’s important to learn all about zoning, which is required by the government to be able to control and regulate both land and property markets. Before purchasing land, you need to know exactly what that block is designated for—whether it’s commercial, residential, or industrial. This will help you ensure that you’re buying a piece of land where you can build your future home. 


Knowing proper zoning and laws on land use will also help you determine if that block is the ideal place for a residence because you don’t want to build your dream home in a place that’s going to have commercial buildings within the next few years. 



A property setback is a rule that determines how far a house can be set back from the border of your land. This is very important to consider when buying a piece of land since you’d want to make sure that the lot can accommodate the size of the home that you’d want to build in the future. 



Climate plays a crucial role in determining if a lot is ideal for building your future home or not. Seasonal changes, rainfall forecasts and temperature shifts should be considered when purchasing land because it will determine many things when you’re already building a house. For instance, the climate could affect how you insulate your home, how much energy you’re going to consume and the quality of life that your family will be having. 


Water source

Finally, it’s very important if the piece of land that you’re planning to buy would have a proper connection to a reliable water source. Some lots may look ideal, but you’ll realise soon enough the challenge of getting a consistent water supply. There are also areas with restrictions to collecting your rainwater. You don’t want to spend more in a water tank or having to go through the hassles of getting a poor water supply after building your home.

Should You Move to Fletcher?

Fletcher is one of those developing cities that everyone seems to be talking about. But, is it worth the hype, and more importantly, will it be the right fit for you? Let’s find out!


About Fletcher

Fletcher sits at the very heart of Chisholm, and it’s within close driving distance from Newcastle. The city offers modern architecture, gorgeous scenery, and all of the amenities you could desire. There are plenty of parks, schools, and the Chisholm Plaza to look forward to.

There’s also amazing land for sale Fletcher, that allows you to plan and create your new home from scratch. The community itself is so beautifully planned that you’ll be proud to place your house there and call it home.

All that being said, the community is the heart of Fletcher and the reason why so many people love and look forward to living here. The whole climate is very family-oriented, and people here tend to know and value their neighbours.


Who Is Fletcher Perfect For?

On paper, Fletcher sounds amazing, when in reality — it’s even better. But no place is perfect for everyone. So, if you’re still having trouble deciding on whether it’s the place for you, keep reading. The following are our top three categories of people who should consider moving to Fletcher.



Fletcher is one of the most family-friendly places you will ever see. The city was built with the idea of family first, and you can see this in the schooling, parks and other amenities. As we mentioned, there’s also great land for sale Fletcher, which allows you to create a dream home for your family.

Additionally, one of the greatest perks of living here is that it’s quite safe, and people look out for each other. So, you will feel much safer living there with your family.


People Looking for a Better Work-Life Balance

One more thing Fletcher has going for it is its proximity to Newcastle, so it also attracts a lot of working professionals. However, not everyone wants to be around that hustle and bustle 24/7, and Fletcher can offer the perfect heaven for those people.

It provides a laid-back lifestyle and allows you to take your hair down and truly relax after a hard day’s work. Additionally, you can look forward to camping, or visiting the Hunter Wetlands National Park on the weekends.


Those Who Are Looking for a Place to Call Home

Whether you’re single, starting a family or retired, you could find yourself fitting into Fletcher, depending on your personality and preferences. Especially f you’re looking for an accepting place with friendly faces and a sense of community, this can be the perfect place for you to set your roots, and start fresh.


Final Thoughts

With great nature and schooling, lovely people, and plenty of land for sale Fletcher has truly put itself on the map. If you’ve had any thoughts or doubts about living here, hopefully, you can now see things clearer and are ready to embark on your new exciting journey.

6 Reasons Why a Land is a Good investment

Is buying land a good investment? You might find yourself asking this question when contemplating investing in real estate. Investing and buying land is not a well-understood concept. In fact, there are lots of people who don’t even consider buying it.

You should at least be open and educate yourself about investing in land before crossing it off your list. At least, you can be confident that you made an informed choice and did not let an opportunity pass without even knowing more about it.

We will be giving you 6 reasons on why a land is a good investment. Then, you can make your decision from there.


1. Land is a Finite Resource

No one can make more land – making land a valuable and finite resource. This means that there is only a limited quantity of land available. And the basic law of economics says that if there is less supply and high demand, the value goes up.


2. It gives you peace of mind

Once you have proper documentation, owning land gives you peace of mind. Unlike other properties and valuables, you don’t have to worry about it being stolen or destroyed. You don’t  have to worry about maintenance and renovation. There’s basically nothing to do after your purchase.


3. It is a Tangible Resource

Since it is tangible, it cannot vanish or disappear. Land is unlike shares or stocks or money. One day you may have them, and the next day you’ve lost them. Money and currency change its value, it can even lose it. 

However, with land, ownership will be the same and it will always be something of value. Work with a land for sale officer to help you find the right property. 


4. It is Inexpensive to Own

Since owning land doesn’t involve a lot of maintenance, it is inexpensive to own. Unlike owning a room in a condominium or having an apartment, you won’t have to pay for electricity or the monthly internet connection if you own land. There’s no need to change the roofing or do some repainting as well.

Yes, you can get property insurance if you wish so. Property taxes are also inexpensive. Your land is just there, costing you close to nothing as its value increases overtime.


5. It is good to have long-term

Land is a long-term investment. If you classify yourself as a “high risk, high returns” kind of investor, then this might not be the investment for you. Investing in land is not for someone who is looking for an immediate income. Land investing is for the patient and smart investor looking for a long-term but worthy return of investment.


6. It increases in value

Considering that land is a finite resource, it definitely increases its value over time. Let’s say you purchased a land worth $1,000. If it is located in a path of growth, future fecelopers will surely be considering it for future developments. When this time comes, you can sell your land for up to 10 times its original value.

Learn more about land investing and see if you are a good fit. If you think that you are, look for an officer in Hillstowe and start investing now!